UGC Portfolio Website Template – Minimalist Black

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Professional UGC Creator Portfolio Website Template for Content Creators & Freelancers looking to collaborate with brands. This unique digital portfolio not only helps to grab attention of potential clients, but also is a creative way to highlight why brands should work with you and what partnership opportunities are available across your channels. Get started on your UGC journey today and complete your portfolio in minutes! Get noticed by brands using a professional easy-to-use and fully customizable website design!

View the live DEMO:

★ The template is fully editable:
✔ Edit/Add your own text
✔ Add your own pictures (intuitive drag and drop)
✔ Customize the fonts, colors, social media icons and other elements

★ You can publish website with just 1 click (you will get a shareable link). Send your link to any brands you would love to work with!

✔ Free hosting at
✔ Easy drag and drop website builder
✔ No coding required
✔ Optimized for mobile


✔ A PDF file with a link to the Canva template and detailed instructions on how to edit the template + video tutorials
✔ Beautifully designed and fully customizable UGC Portfolio Website Template
✔ A pack of over 60 social media icons to easily customize your website


✔ Instant download: Your template will be available immediately after checkout
✔ Edit your template in Canva and publish as a Canva website. You will get all the instructions by email. No software needed
✔ Send your website link to any brands you’d love to work with!

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