Our brand was created to help content creators & small business owners

accomplish their dreams!

We have made our templates affordable, customizable, and easy to use!

Hello, ciao, hola, bonjour!

Hi! I’m Ada! A full time Digital Marketer, Content Creator & Entrepreneur! For several years I’ve been working as an Influencer Marketing Manager having an opportunity to see how everything looks from brands’ perspective – I was responsible for planning and executing marketing campaigns and I had a chance to work with the top influencers in the industry. Interestingly, this experience inspired me to start my blog and eventually become a content creator myself! Along the way, I’ve also honed my skills in content creation, social media management, YouTube, and Google Ads.

Infleasy is a brand created based on all this experience, built by an influencer marketing expert and, at the same time – by a content creator. Our products were made to combine these two worlds – not only to promote professionalism and transparency in the world of influencer marketing, but also to encourage aspiring digital creators to make their dreams come true.

It has all started with creating media kits for content creators but quickly I realized that I love creating beautiful templates that make people happy – so I decided to start creating social media designs and templates for small business owners. I love what I’m doing and every message from happy customers brightens up my day!